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Roberto Espinosa is a writer/director and founder of Meteorite Entertainment.

My name is Roberto Espinosa, and I am a filmmaker. I was born in Des Plaines, Illinois on November 22, 1991.


For as far back as I can remember, I've always had a fascination with movies. From Disney films to Jurassic Park, the power of cinema sparked my imagination and instantly I was hooked. I wanted to know everything! Who were the actors? Who were the crew? Who was Steven Spielberg?


As time went on, my taste in film grew, as did my knowledge of cinema. I watched and learned from the greats such as Malick, Kubrick, Bergman, Capra, Scorsese, Anderson (both Paul Thomas and Wes), and of course, Spielberg. Even today, they remain some of my favorite directors and greatest influences.


After creating and showcasing a few short films in high school, I began to study cinema at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn. It was there my knowledge would expand as I learned about storytelling, foreign filmmakers, how to craft my own feature-length screenplays, and about who I was as a director. After graduating with an Associates, I finished my film degree at Columbia College of Chicago with a Bachelors, with the fine-tuning I needed to become what I knew I wanted to be.


Most of my films start out as simple ideas and evolve into character driven stories, regardless of genre. People, human beings, fascinate me so, and I'm very much interested in how they grow and learn (whether for better or for worse.) I feel there are a number of people who deserve their stories to be told, free of the clichés and stereotypes that have plagued modern film for years. Tropes are tools used to craft a story, not a rigid blueprint to be followed to the letter. I believe characters need to develop into fully realized, dimensional beings that shed from the titles they have been given. They deserve to be painted as real, living, breathing human beings with struggles and problems, and a burning desire to fight for the freedom to live a normal life and truly be happy. That, foremost, is my goal to portray with the stories I present.


As of now, I'm currently developing a second draft of my first feature-length script, with hopes of realizing it soon.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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