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​“... Do you watch a film, regardless of its genre, and walk away feeling like you're no closer to the director's vision; their passion to create, than before you watched it? Well, let me assure you This Will Not Occur watching any of Roberto Espinosa's films. There is an instant connection to the heart in every one of Roberto's films that links the viewer to the people you are introduced to. Whether it's the slow-dance of Amethyst Rose Holman in Long Distance that sends a warm chill up my spine every time I watch it, or Roberto himself chasing after the girl of his dreams in The Elevator, the sincerity of Roberto's films shine through. I have been fortunate enough to have provided the musical score to two of Roberto's films, and I hope to be part of his future productions.”

DC McAuliffe, Composer

"[Roberto’s] a real gem. He puts his heart and soul into each and every project he touches. His interest in all aspects of storytelling always lead him to produce unique and diverse work. Roberto is, as ever, a pleasure to work with."

Andrew "Bogie" Uram, Cinematographer

​“Roberto Espinosa is a fledgling filmmaker with high ambition and a lot of potential. He takes film seriously, and his respect for the medium is admirable. Roberto's work on Long Distance was knowledgeable and collected, yet deeply passionate and involved, and it takes a true professional to maintain that kind of balance on a project. In short; Roberto Espinosa is a brilliant director who will surely do wonderful things.”

Amethyst Rose Holman, Long Distance

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