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Hindsight (2013)

Based on a short story, Hindsight is the story of a young man who, when stricken by the loss of his beloved, attempts to take his own life. He then learns that in order to be happy, he must accept his loss, move on, and continue living.


Hindsight came from a story I wrote a year prior titled Could've, Should've, Would've. Since we were heading into the holiday season, when the story takes place, it made sense to attempt to bring the story to life.


However, the production came with many challenges such as location changes, rewrites, a near change in casting, scheduling problems, and a new and ambitions method of storytelling that I was willing to try out. Despite the best efforts of many talented people, both in front of and behind the camera, the production of Hindsight was at times arduous, and a very difficult project to work on. However, it was the first time we were given the use of a sound stage, which did add a level of professionalism to our setup and allowed us to follow through with a more creative endeavor than originally planned.


There are two edited versions of this film; a nonlinear edit, and the story told in chronological order as originally written, which has been nicknamed "The Director's Cut."


As I look back on this film, I know I've learned so much from my crew and from the experience. I now know what will be expected on a similar shoot, and while all productions will have their ups and downs, we have to be prepared for them and fight trying to make the best product we can.

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