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Long Distance (2015)

Long Distance is a different kind of love story. It tells the true story of a young artist who while accommodating herself to her new home in Oswego, IL, talks about her relationship with another young artist from Cleveland, OH. Having never officially met, they keep their relationship steady through social media, webcams, and any methods of communication that is available to them. 

This was the first time I had ever made a documentary and while I had seen my share of them, I had no idea how I was going to do it other than interviews and B-roll. Knowing the potential for the story, I shot as much material as I could and figure out the story once post began. I had over an hour of footage and two completely different stories that could easily be told, Amethyst's life and the love story. However, I only had ten minutes to tell so I went with the latter which I knew was going to be the one with the most impact. I have more than enough footage however so it's very well possible that I'll come back to it and use it to tell another story.

I really have Amethyst to thank for all of this. I met her when I was at a low point in my life and she's been my guiding star ever since. We've gone on many adventures together but I don't think any of them will ever beat this one. She's the reason for my inspiration, she's the reason this film exists, and she's the reason I won my very first award for one of my films. I thank God every single day that she's a huge part of my life and I'm not sure what I'd do without her.


If there's anything that I want people to take away from this, it's that the people you meet are the ones who are going to shape you into who you are in life and that you shouldn't take them for granted, whether good or bad. There will be many who will leave for one reason or another but the ones that truly love you will stay and fight for you and if it's meant to be, you will both know so don't be afraid to go out there and meet them. Whether you're gay, straight, bi, or what have you, never be afraid to take that chance...

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