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Lefty (2010)

Alexander Murdoch's father left home, but not before leaving behind a box of old possessions for his son to find, one of them being a bag of marbles. Alex discovers a newfound skill with marbles and shares it with everyone, but when a new and conniving player dares challenge him, young Alex must prove to everyone and himself that he's truly the marble champion; Lefty.


Lefty was conceived when I caught parts of a modern Mexican film on TV and wrote my own version of what I thought it was about. Lefty was the very first screenplay I ever wrote, though I shelved it to make The Monkey's Paw first. After several rewrites and improvements, I knew I could tackle Lefty.


Unlike The Monkey's Paw, my cinematographer Andrew "Bogie" Uram and I went all-out to make the craziest film we possibly could, inspired by the western genre, Edgar Wright, Danny Boyle, and whatever dreck Michael Bay was churning out at the time. Knowing what I wanted and with complete trust, I left Bogie in charge of the visuals while I took care of the actors. It was a great compromise, since I was still unfamiliar with certain technical aspects at the time, and it made for one of the most fun shoots I've ever had.


I was in complete awe by the reaction Lefty garnered, and I had no idea how I was going to top myself. Despite its flaws, we were proud of what we had accomplished. We were young, on the verge of graduating high school, and we knew in that moment that we were going to be filmmakers.

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