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Normal People (2015)

Normal People is the story about two young adults, different in interests but similar in many ways, who get to know each other before going out on their first date. Together, they learn about art, video games, families, and what it really means to be patient with one another.

This was a very personal story for me to tell as I was diagnosed with Aspergers at a very young age. I was seen as strange, made fun of, and told that I'd have to settle for less as the filmmaking dream seemed 'too much' for me to handle. Telling this story and filmmaking in general was a way for me to cope with all of this and finally accepting what I had. I was thankful to have found Mark and Zoe who are really the heart and soul of this film and especially thankful for the crew who were not only patient but had my back for those grueling seven hours that we were onset.

When I started working on the film, my goal was that it would show people not just with autism and not just with any type of disability, that just about anyone who feels socially awkward or flawed that they could do anything, even if it's as simple as asking someone out on a date and being able to communicate with another human being. Now I'm hoping that anyone with any disability be able to find their voice and share it with the world no matter what everyone tells them otherwise. Whether it's film-making, writing, art, cooking, sports, modeling, whatever intrigues you, you have the skills to be whatever it is you want to be in life.


Always remember that no matter what anyone says or what you think of yourself, you are all normal people.

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