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Figmental State

Figmental State is an upcoming feature-length film written and directed by Roberto Espinosa.

Mike is a teenager who is overprotected and homeschooled by his mother. His only friend is an imaginary figure named Stan who has been his like his brother for many years. However, Mike feels it isn't enough and wishes to seek someone who's physically there. His search leads him to a spunky teenage girl named Jane who opens his eyes to a world he's never known before. Meanwhile, Stan becomes jealous and resentful.

This has been a passion project of mine ever high school. I wrote the first draft way back in 2011 and have waited until last year to finally rewrite it after many years of waiting and learning. Now I feel like I'm ready to make this film a reality.

I plan to crowdfund the film and spread the word out about it in any way I can. All the information about the film and how anyone can help is on the pitch video along with the GoFundMe page. 

Any blogs or podcasts about the film will be posted on this page so be on the lookout for them!

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