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The Elevator (2013)

The Elevator is about a man who takes up residence in a hidden elevator located in the building where he works. There, he attempts to ask the girl of his dreams out on a date and to be proud to share the place he calls home with another.

In the early years of college, I woke up from a dream in where I had a small, crowded but nicely decorated room located inside of an elevator and while nowadays I have trouble remembering my dreams save for a few, this one refused to leave. After several failed attempts to develop the idea and a few written but unfinished scripts, I decided to go the simplistic route and turn it into a silent comedy influenced by the likes of Keaton and Chaplin, while subconsciously incorporating inspiration from P.T. Anderson, Woody Allen, and Steven Spielberg.

Shot in the course of two weeks, me, the crew, and my leading lady Mary Kukla, were in for the one of the most ambitious and ridiculous concepts to date. We filmed using a live elevator that would occasionally carry the entire set with it to unsuspecting guests during takes despite our attempts to have them use the stairs. This would also be the first time shooting using multiple cameras from the two DSLRs we used to a camera phone and a standard digital camera for the security camera footage. As I started to experiment more with iPhone footage and other sources, it would definitely be something that I would try to explore more with with each film I worked on.

In my near decade of making movies, it has probably been the most fun experience I could've ever hoped for and I'm thankful for the cast and crew being patient both with me and the production. I also consider this personally to be my favorite short film that I've done and I hope you agree.

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